Finger Picks, Reinvented.

Tone Tips slide over your fingernails to give you a closer connection to your instrument with better volume, control and tone.

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finger picks
  • Musician playing a flying V guitar with Tone Tips removable finger picks
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  • What are Tone Tips?

    Patented Tone Tips aren’t just removable finger picks—they are a dramatic evolution in pick technology. We engineered a way to create picks that perfectly conform to the top and bottom of your fingernails, giving you a richer, louder and more balanced sound.

    Photo comparing the length and design of Hybrid and Classic Tone Tips removable finger picks
    • Stronger Attack, Fatter Tone
    • More Acoustic Volume
    • Increased Speed and Control
    • Enhances All Playing Styles
    • Protects your fingernails

    Watch Video - Tone Tips demo

    Which style Tone Tip is right for me?

  • Photo showing the top side of a Classic Tone Tips removable finger pick

    Classic Tips

    Shorter Tip Length, follows the contour of your nail

    For players who normally play with their nails. These Tips are designed to add just a small amount of material around the nail, giving you a large robust tone while protecting your nails.

  • Photo of the top side of Hybrid Tone Tip removable finger pick

    Hybrid Tips

    Longer Tip Length for faster players​

    For people who like the feel of flat picks on fast single note passages. These Tips feature our uniquely angled playing surface to add punch to your tone, and a rounded tip for fast up and down strokes.

  • Custom fit, so you can focus on your music

    Each set of Tone Tips is sized to your fingernails, then formed by state-of-the-art 3D printers to give you the perfect fit.

    Watch Video - Press and Play​

    Watch Video - Installing Tone Tips​

    Precision and control

    Whether you play right on the edge of your fingernail, with the side of your finger, or out on the end of the nail, Tone Tips are designed to snap cleanly off of the string, increasing volume, sustain and tone.

    Our patented, proprietary material is designed to provide the right amount of brightness while boosting the lows to give you a brighter, punchier, rounder tone.

    Watch Video - Compare Tone Tips to other picks

    A pick designed with your playing in mind

    • Speed and Volume

      Glides smoothly over strings on fast passages, yet adds enough mass to get loud when you want to cut through a mix.

    • Multi-Directional Strumming

      Precision-engineered to allow all surfaces to glide smoothly over the strings while staying securely connected to your nail, standing up to the most aggressive strumming.

    • Removable and Re-usable

      Long lasting Tone Tips are easily applied and removed.

    • Feels Like a Part of Your Body

      The over-the-nail fit allows for a more natural contact with the strings than traditional flat or fingerpicks. No pinching, no straps, no hassle.

    • Protects Your Hand & Nails

      Reduce hand fatigue and repetitive motion strain. Easy solution for worn, weak or damaged nails.

    • Tone, Tone, Tone

      Our proprietary material provides clean highs and a crisp full bass (to build on your natural sound).

    • Great for all stringed instruments

    • Classical Guitar
    • Ukulele
    • Acoustic
    • Harp
    • Electric Guitar
    • Resonator
    • Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Slide Guitar, Pedal Steel, Resonator Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Banjo, Harp, Sitar

    Why We Created Tone Tips

    After continually breaking my nails at gigs, I tried thimble picks, banjo picks, and acrylic nails, but each of these brought so many new problems to the table that I kept landing back at square one. As a guitarist with an engineering background, I finally decided that the time had come to completely overhaul the concept of a fingerpick.

    And now, after years of work in the lab, I'm happy to say that the resulting product—Tone Tips—fully solves my original problem (nail breakage) and actually enhances (instead of detracts from) the playing experience.

    Jack West, Tone Tips Inventor


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    • How do Tone Tips stay on?

      Tips hold tightly onto your fingers during aggressive strumming due to an innovative attachment mechanism that combines a press-fit action with a micro-thin layer of tacky, re-usable adhesive on the nail plate. While picking or strumming can't eject the Tip, a slow pressure downward and outward easily pops the Tip right off when you are done playing.

    • Will Tone Tips damage my nail?

      No, under normal use there should be no evidence at all that they had been used. Our adhesive is medical grade, approved for contact with human skin, and is non-toxic. It slides easily off of the nail when the Tips are removed. Since a correct fit does not involve squeezing or bending the nail, there should be no damage at all to your nail or finger.

    • What does the material sound like?

      Tone Tips are louder, punchier and brighter than natural nails. Since they add a small amount of length to your nail, (3mm for Classic and 6.5mm for Hybrid), you can play up and down strokes without your finger hitting and dampening the string.

    • Do I need long fingernails to use Tone Tips?

      Tone Tips work better if you have a small amount of cantilevered nail, but even those without cantilevered nails can use them.

    • Do I need to trim my nails to use Tone Tips?

      Not necessarily, but many people do find that they need to trim their nails slightly if they are longer than 3/32” (2.5mm). The slot that your nail slips into is 3/32” (2.5mm) long. If your nail bottoms out in the slot it may cause the back at the cuticle to be too short.

    • Can I play my Tone Tips with a broken nail?

      Yes, Tone Tips still work if the nail is completely broken. If you have a little bit that can engage the slot, leave it on. It doesn’t have to be all the way across. For best results, don’t trim off the longer parts of a broken nail until it grows back in some.

    • I play fast rock solos on electric guitar with a flat pick and only do a little bit of fingerpicking. Can I use Tone Tips for soloing?

      Yes! Tone Tips work great for fast up and down strokes on single string runs. The smooth finish will give you increased speed and precision. Hybrid Tone Tips have the additional advantage of moving the string contact area away from your fingertip thereby further increasing speed.

    • How do Tone Tips increase the dynamic range of my playing?

      Tone Tips add mass and increase the surface area for string contact thereby dramatically increasing your playing volume when you hit hard; you will have total control from whisper quiet to full throated screams. Having the ability to play much louder (if you want to), ultimately means that your dynamic range is increased.

    • I do a lot of finger tapping. Can I use Tone Tips?

      Yes, Since Tone Tips mount on the nail and not the finger, the pad of your finger is free to attack the string.

    • Will I be able to play guitar with Tone Tips?

      That depends, could you play it before?

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