Put On and Take Off Tiptonic Fingernail Picks

Putting on and Taking off Tiptonic Finger Picks using an Activator

Here is a quick video showing how to put on and take off Tiptonic Fingernail Picks after using the Activator for 3 minutes to rejuvenate the adhesive.


To Put on Tiptonic Fingernail Picks

  • Place a Fingernail Pick in one of the seven Activator slots
  • Plug in the Activator
  • Let the adhesive warm up for 2 or 3 minutes until it goes from a matte finish to glossy and shiny
  • Turn the opening in the Activator to select your pick
  • Tip the pick into your left hand
  • Line up the end of your fingernail with the slot in the pick
  • Push the pick onto your nail while keeping the back lifted up off of the top of your nail as long as possible as you slide it on
  • Squeeze the cuticle area of the pick firmly down onto your nail
  • Hold the pick on tightly for a few seconds
  • Unplug the Activator

To Take Off Tiptonic Fingernail Picks

  • Hook your left thumbnail under the side of the cuticle area of the pick
  • Lift up with your thumbnail and you push the pick off of the end of your nail
  • Use slow steady pressure and the adhesive will remain on the pick
  • Place your pick back in the Activator for storage until needed again



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