2 thoughts on “Doug Young Tiptonic Guitar Nails Demo

  1. Please please please PLEAAAAAAAAAASE !!! 🙂
    I would be great to be able to purchase Tiptonic’s nails outside of US. I live in France and it’s been I think two years I am looking forward to buying these… Fortunately – and unfortunately – I should spend like 10 days in October near Albany (NY). I have no clue if it would be possible not only to purchase the starter kit (sent to a hotel) AND then buy a pack – in 10 days…
    Anyway, your nails look really awesome, I can’t wait to improve my fingers with them 😉

    1. Hi Patrig,

      Thanks for your interest! We have just begun selling to the EU, UK and Canada. You can now place your order on the website and it will accept addresses to those locations.

      We can also arrange to ship to your hotel in Albany, NY in October if COVID allows your trip to proceed.

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