Which Finger Pick Adhesive is the Best?

 Best Finger Pick Adhesive?

Which Finger Pick adhesive is the best? The answer is, the one that works best for you. How aggressively you play your instrument, the anatomy of your fingernail and how tightly the Tiptonic Finger Pick wraps around your nail are just a few of the factors that come into play. After testing hundreds of adhesives, from the acrylic adhesives used in cosmetic nails, super glue used with ping pong balls, Craft Glue Dots used with Rico Nails and hundreds more, we ended up finding one that is almost as good as our Premium Activator Adhesive, and that says a lot!

Tiptonic is happy to announce, not one replacement Finger Pick Adhesive, but two replacement Finger Pick Adhesives! Use either to replace the adhesive on your Tiptonic Finger Picks; Premium Activator Adhesive, or our exciting new adhesive that can be applied at room temperature, Press and Play Sample Pack Adhesive.

Premium Activator Adhesive

Our Premium Activator Adhesive is a real workhorse. It has the most solid feel of the two adhesives. By warming the adhesive in the Activator for 3 minutes before you put them on, the glue softens and squeezes into any gaps between the pick and the inside of your nail. This gives you a much tighter fit on the nail than a room temperature adhesive. It allows the glue to squeeze out of the way on the points of contact between your fingernail and the inside of the Finger Pick, and flow into the gaps. This increases the surface contact area increasing the strength of the bond. This Pressure Sensitive Adhesive removes cleanly off of the nail when you remove the Finger Pick. It remains on the pick and  is reusable for around 6 weeks of daily use.

Premium Activator Adhesive is safe to use and approved for indirect food contact.

Click here for Premium Activator Adhesive

Press and Play Sample Pack Adhesive

Press and Play Sample Pack Adhesive is an incredibly strong pressure sensitive adhesive that is able to form a strong bond instantly at room temperature. To do this the adhesive is a bit softer and more flexible than the Premium Activator Adhesive. This allows it to quickly adhere to your nail with a firm press. If you play aggressively, and depending on your fit, you may feel the pick move a bit on hard strums. The glue bond is so strong that the pick will snap back instantaneously and is in no danger of failing. However, the feel is not quite as solid as the Activator Adhesive.

Press and Play Sample Pack Adhesive also peels cleanly off of the fingernail when you remove the Finger Pick after playing. This adhesive is a one use adhesive. Apply one or more adhesive strips to the fingernail before putting on the pick and discard after use.

Safe to use and approved for indirect food contact.

Click here for Press and Play Sample Pack Adhesive