The Advantages of Tiptonic® Finger Picks

The Advantages of Tiptonic® Finger Picks


      Secure Fit and Removable

  • Picks lock to nails to withstand the most aggressive strumming
  • Easily removable when done playing
  • Reusable and durable for hundreds of hours of playing
  • 2 Types of Replacement Adhesive Available
  • Hundreds of standard sizes available, so a very precise inside fit can be found for every finger
  • Use on all fingers and the thumb
    • Use on the thumb requires a classical hand position, not a country pickin’ style where the side of the thumb is used, such as a conventional thumb pick

        Protect the Nail

  • Cover and protect weak or worn nails
  • Eliminate nail breakage
  • Make fingernail wear or condition irrelevant

          Improve your Tone

  • Provide significantly improved tone, with clear silky highs and solid bass
  • Improved articulation and ability to bring out a melody on the upper strings
  • Play very fast due to optimum material hardness and impact strength
  • Very loud (if you hit hard), effectively widening the total dynamic range
  • Ability to play with wild abandon “on 11” since there is no concern of breaking a nail or having a pick fly off
  • Ultra-smooth (as opposed to brittle) highs due to higher material smoothness vs alternatives

          Incredible Feel

  • Allows upstrokes and downstrokes
  • Feels like part of your body
  • No squeezing the sensitive flesh of the fingertip, so you don’t notice them being on
  • Very easy to switch between flat picking and fingerpicking
  • Easily reshaped by users desiring non standard shapes
  • No catching of the strings due to nail growing out


  • Non-toxic and only left on while you play, so no weakening of nails
  • Adhesive is approved for contact with the skin and nails
  • No risk of fungal infection
  • No trips to the nail salon