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Tiptonic Finger Pick Adhesives

Tiptonic Finger Pick Adhesives

Tiptonic is proud to offer two Replacement Finger Pick Adhesives for Tiptonic Finger Picks. We meticulously tested hundreds of adhesives and these two were head and shoulders above all of the rest. These pressure sensitive adhesives have incredible tack to bond instantly to your nail, yet peel cleanly off when you are finished playing. They are both approved for indirect food contact and will not damage your nails.

Premium Activator Adhesive

Our strongest, stiffest, and best all around adhesive. This adhesive is so stiff at room temperature that it requires warming in the Activator to soften it up before putting on your Finger Picks. Reusable for around 6 weeks or so of daily use.

Removable Finger Pick Adhesive 

This adhesive has incredibly high tack and grabs your fingernail instantly to secure the Finger Pick to your nail. Recommended for room temperature application and does not require an Activator. It is a little bit softer than Premium Activator Adhesive and may allow the pick to move slightly on the nail on really aggressive strums. However, it is so tacky that it almost never fails. Apply adhesive either directly to the fingernail or to the pick.

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  • Replacement Premium Activator Adhesive Roll and Medium Paperboard Tube Case Tiptonic Adhesive Comparison

    Premium Activator Adhesive for Tiptonic Finger Picks

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  • Press and Play Finger Pick Adhesive Roll Image Tiptonic Adhesive Comparison

    Removable Finger Pick Adhesive for Tiptonic Picks

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