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The Activator Case Warms Glue Stores Picks

  • The Activator Case is the versatile pick case at the center of the Tiptonic Finger Pick System. It rejuvenates the adhesive so you can use your picks over and over again. After playing, place your Finger Picks back in the Activator to store them.
  • When warmed in the Activator and pressed onto the nail, the adhesive will soften enough to flow into any gaps between the Pick and your fingernail. This gives you a tighter, lower profile bond than room temperature application.
  • The Activator Case also doubles as a great place to store your set of Finger Picks until you need them next. Place your picks back in any of the 7 bins on the Activator to store them safely for later use. The Activator is small enough to fit in the storage pocket of most guitar cases.
  • When you are ready to play your instrument plug in the Activator Case. In three to four minutes your picks will be warmed up and ready to go.

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  • Activator DC 12V Power Inverter

    Activator DC Power Inverter for Car DC 12V Socket

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  • Replacement Power Supply Cord for the Activator

    Activator Power Adaptor Power Supply Cord

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  • Power Supply Cord with EU, UK and AU interchangeable Plugs

    Activator Power Supply Cord for use in AU, EU, UK

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  • The Activator shown with a Tiptonic Finger Pick in one of the slots. The Dial is turned so that you can remove the pick from the slot.

    The Activator Case

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  • The Tiptonic Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started playing with Tiptonic Finger Picks today! Plenty of picks in your sizes to choose from, the Activator for rejuvenating the adhesive, the Owner's Manual and a Sizing Chart for selecting your picks.

    Tiptonic Starter Kit Finger Picks and Adhesive Activator

    Rated 4.89 out of 5
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