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Tiptonic Starter Kit

Rated 4.86 out of 5 based on 7 customer ratings
(9 customer reviews)


Order the Starter Kit to get everything you need to start playing with Tiptonic Finger Picks right away!

Note: We currently only make Tiptonic Finger Picks for the Right Hand.

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Your Tiptonic Starter Kit will arrive in 2 boxes:

  • Box 1 contains a Sizing Chart and instructions.
  • Box 2 will contain your Tiptonic Finger Picks and the Starter Kit items listed below.

Your Starter Kit will contain the following:

Box 1:

  • A Sizing Chart to find your pick sizes
  • (Box 1 makes a perfect gift to wrap for your musician)

Box 2:

  • Your Activator for rejuvenating the adhesive on your Picks
  • A custom mix of 6 Finger Picks for each size ordered
    • Includes 2 picks in each of our 3 height profiles (for Flat Nails, Regular and Curved)
    • Plus – 2 picks in each of our 3 height profiles one size narrower than ordered for comparison
    • (Most Pick Mixes contain between 40 – 50 picks depending on how many fingers need picks)
  • The Owner’s Manual – Filled with great tips and tutorials.
  • A Quick Guide to our Pick Sizes
  • One 8 compartment plastic Storage Case to keep your Picks organized
  • Small file to shape the back of the pick to match your cuticle
  • A Power Adaptor Power Supply cord for your Activator

New To Tiptonic Finger Picks?

The Tiptonic Starter Kit is Strongly Recommended if you are new to Tiptonic Picks. The Starter Kit includes an Activator Case and a Sizing Chart so that you can dial in your perfect picks. The adhesive is stiff at room temperature and doesn’t adhere to the nail as well as when warmed. The Activator warms the adhesive up and holds it at the perfect temperature indefinitely until you are ready to put them on. This rejuvenates the adhesive and allows it to be reused dozens of times. Many people get around 6 weeks or more of daily use before the pick and the adhesive begin to wear out. Reordering your picks is easy and we offer volume discounts on 4 or more of the same size!

The Activator Case

The Activator Case rejuvenates the adhesive so that it can be reused over and over again. It’s is also a great place to keep up to 7 picks stored and ready for the next gig. Place your Tiptonic Finger Picks back in the Activator when you finish playing to store them until you need them again.

Additional information

Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 in

9 reviews for Tiptonic Starter Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joanna Faber

    I am SO HAPPY with the sound and feel of these picks. I have been a frequently frustrated guitar player, as it is almost impossible for me to maintain a full set of natural unbroken nails. Just as I get them all to the right length to make playing really satisfying, one of them develops that little nick on the side, and then no matter what I do – filing, crazy glue, vitamin supplements – it’s a goner. I’ve tried going to a salon for acrylic and gel nails, which were great for playing, but they destroyed my real nails and left them paper thin. I’ve tried finger picks as well, but…no, they’re nothing like a real nail. They come off the wrong side of the finger and curve in the wrong direction.
    The tiptonics have the natural playing feel of a salon gel or acrylic, but without destroying the real nail. Best of both worlds.

  2. Rich Cavanaugh (verified owner)

    These picks really work! Used acrylics for 20 years, really damaging my nails, luckily I discovered Tiptonics. They work as advertised, follow the excellent manual and you should be as amazed as I am. Painstaking design work, great customer service, great end result. I am grateful!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rich Cavanaugh (verified owner)

    And, 10 stars!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tom Dobbins (verified owner)

    Congratulations on your product; you nailed it!

    I am a lifelong guitar player and a fingerstyle player for most of that time. As my fingerstyle technique improved over the years, like many guitarists, I have been searching for fingerpicks that feel the most natural. I think this is the “Holy Grail” for fingerstyle players.

    Artificial (salon) nails, etc. were never a practical solution for me since I do not make my living playing guitar, and my own nails were never up to the task. In recent years I have been using Alaska piks with the tops cut off and filed to minimize the “pick bulk” on my fingers as much as possible. These have worked well but they still have some pick bulk.

    When I first read about your product, I have to admit that I was skeptical – this is a hard problem to solve. When I received the nail chart and subsequently the starter kit I could appreciate the quality and extent of the research and development to arrive at this product.

    With the nail chart I was able to identify my nail shapes; when I received the starter kit and tried the nails I was off by a millimeter (over) on my fingers so I really appreciated that +/- 1 millimeter nails were included in the starter kit. This saved a lot of trouble – and gave me confidence right away that the nails would work.

    The directions were excellent. I followed them carefully and I was able to put the picks on and take them off and the experience was exactly as described.

    I have been using them for a few weeks now and I love them. They are my nails – no pick bulk! And I can play with such feel and precision!

    American ingenuity at its best; I hope your company prospers. I am now a loyal customer.

    Please extend my appreciation and thanks to everyone who contributed to this product.

  5. Nate (verified owner)

    These nails are excellent!
    I have been looking for a solution that allowed a balanced tone and volume between my thumb pick and the fingers.
    I tried growing my nails out and it was ok, but they would periodically break and I’d have to wait weeks for the nail to grow back, or just playing steel strings grinds my index fingernail down pretty quickly leaving it misshapen. I thought about acrylics but can’t have long nails with my job, and don’t like stabbing myself on them when they get longer. These come on/off easily, sound great, and last a long time (I’m on 2.5 months, still going with 1-2 hours a day). Tiptonic was great helping me find the perfect shape, which was a challenge since my middle finger had a partial amputation of the nail so is weird-shaped, but we actually found one that works well.
    Overall I’m really happy with these–they’ve changed my playing and I expect to use them long-term!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    kabeatty (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these picks! I have been playing fingerstyle guitar for about 50 years, but have always had issues with my nails. Practice time has been limited due to thin nails that delaminate and break. I have tried banjo picks, ProPicks, Alaska Picks, Fred Kelly Freedom picks, acrylic nails, silks, vitamins, brush on products, etc. All had one problem or another. Tiptonic picks have solved those problems for me. This product performs exactly as advertised and I couldn’t be happier with them. I have been using them for about 6 weeks and just placed my first pick order (after going the Starter Kit route to find what worked best). By the way, customer service has been friendly and quick. Britt really does a good job responding clearly and promptly. I have no trouble recommending these picks.

  7. Rated 4 out of 5

    Thomas Kight (verified owner)

    There are always pros and cons for any product. My experience with Tiptonic picks has been very positive overall. I’ve tried all manner of fingernail / finger pick solutions and found none of them satisfactory until I tried Tiptonics. Once you dial in the right size (easier said than done), the result is a warm, consistent tone on the index, middle and ring fingers. Sifting through the 50 or so pics in the starter kit was a bit of a pain in the neck, but a necessary evil since even Tiptonics recognizes that using the nail chart to accurately measure nail width or height is always approximate. I was glad not to just receive the ones I thought would fit because not all of them did. So I had to systematically sift through the others to get the best fit. Eventually, I found ones that were perfect for the index, middle and ring fingers. The thumb (for me) was another matter: one size was too small, the next size too large, etc. Tiptonics is careful to point out that their product is best for the fingers, and only for the thumb under certain circumstances. I appreciate that honesty. I tried the finger picks with nothing on the thumb for awhile, but the tone differences were too much, so I have jury-rigged one of the thumb nail to sort of work. It is too small, but hooks nicely to the left side of the thumb nail, so I hook it on there and the adhesive generally holds it in place even though the right side is not hooked into the nail at all. I reinforce the nail and also cover the side edge with Nexcare Hospital Tape so the edge doesn’t catch. Not ideal, but it is working for the moment to create an even tone overall. Finally, I have found that the way the finger tip in inserted into the pick to install it tends to push some of the adhesive toward the front of the pick which leaves enough visible to occasionally catch the string. So now, I take a toothpick and move the adhesive away from the very tip of the Tiptonic pick before heating it up which has reduced the adhesive build up in the front of the pick so it is no longer catching the string. So I’m still fine-tuning the system for me, but as I get ever nearer to that solution, I am pleased with the results in terms of sound production that translates onto both nylon and steel strings. Have a little patience and the product is worth the effort I think.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Antonio Grippi (verified owner)

    These things are pretty amazing. I stopped using a pick 20 years ago, but it’s always been a struggle to keep nails long enough to play but short enough for daily like, and maintained when they break. These sound amazing, and really feel like my nails. My middle finger nail would constantly chip, and cause problems often times limiting playing time while it regrew, or at least making it less enjoyable, and muted sounding. After getting these sized right, I’ve just been amazed with these. Britt has been awesome with customer service and helping get the fit perfect. I was hesitant given the price, and the process of actually getting them, but am so glad I pulled the trigger on these. After getting the sizing charts in the mail, I took my time and measured, and submitted my sizes. within a couple of days the picks were here, all 50 or so of them. Plenty in the size I requested as well as variations in pocket depth, and fitment. this was great because the sizes I sent for 2 fingers were a little off. I was able to find picks though in the kit that did fit, but that’s not the end of it. the President emailed me to see how things were going, and I explained pretty great except I was having a little trouble with a couple of the pics popping out of the groove when playing. This was no problem, as after getting my feedback they sent out another pack of picks in various sizes and shapes based on my feedback, and even some extras in longer lengths because I expressed interest in them. Truly a great company to deal with, and Britt is awesome. If you’re even considering these, just do it. it’s absolutely worth the price, and once you bite the bullets once, the picks are actually inexpensive.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert E. Mason (verified owner)

    I have used acrylic nails in only my right hand pointer and middle finger which served me well for a few years, but there was constant maintenance and hassle which I didn’t like at all. After Hurricane Michael destroyed the nail salon I used, I went back to regular picks and their inherent problems before discovering Tiptonic picks. My Tiptonic picks have replaced both the regular picks and acrylic nails as well. They perform perfectly and instill confidence. They free you up to concentrate on what you’re playing rather than how to play it.

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