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Removable Finger Pick Adhesive for Tiptonic Picks


  • Replacement adhesive for Tiptonic Picks and Samplers
  • No Activator Required
  • 100 strips of adhesive per roll
  • Use one or two strips per fingernail to secure finger pick to the nail
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Removable Finger Pick Adhesive for Tiptonic Press and Play Finger Picks 100 count

(1) Roll of Press and Play Removable Finger Pick Adhesive for Tiptonic Finger Picks. There are 100 strips of adhesive on the roll. Use one or two strips per fingernail to secure finger pick to the nail.

Works great at room temperature. An Activator is not required for Press and Play type Removable Finger Pick Adhesive. This adhesive works great for Pick Samplers as you can easily test the fit of the pick without the aggressive adhesive grabbing the nail. Many people find that this adhesive works great for their fingernails and style of play.

Premium Activator Adhesive requires an Activator to soften it up before putting on your picks. Which Tiptonic Finger Pick Adhesive works best for me? Read a comparison of our adhesives.

Instructions for use:

For Best Results Prepare the Fingernail

  • Buff fingernail lightly with a file or fine 1000 grit sandpaper to rough up the surface
  • Wipe nail with an alcohol wipe or rubbing alcohol to remove any oils or nail dust
  • Wipe pick with an alcohol wipe or rubbing alcohol to remove any oils or pick dust

Place Adhesive on Fingernail

  • While still on the liner, line up adhesive strip across the nail from side to side, or vertically. Place strip as close to the cuticle as you can without having the glue go outside of the nail bed and up onto the skin
  • Press down firmly on the liner to set the adhesive and bond it to the fingernail
  • Slowly peel off liner and discard
  • Place a second adhesive strip across the nail above, or beside the first one if you can fit it without overlapping the adhesive

Line Up Fingernail with Slot

  • Line up the pick with the end of your fingernail
  • Catch the underside of your nail on both sides with the slot in the pick

Press and Play

  • Push the pick onto your nail while holding it off of the glue until the pick is all of the way on your nail
  • Press the pick down onto your nail firmly at the cuticle to set the adhesive
  • Remove any adhesive that squeezes out from under the pick. Roll it into a ball and discard
  • Check to see if the pick is grabbing under both sides of the nail by holding the end of the pick with your left hand and wiggling the pick up and down. You will be able to tell if one or both sides are loose and you don’t have a secure fit
  • Remove pick if one or more sides is not grabbing and repeat prior steps
  • Play your instrument to test if the pick feels solid

To Remove Pick after playing

  • Lift up the back of the pick at the cuticle a small amount with your left thumb while pushing the pick off of the end of your nail. Use slow and steady pressure to gradually release the adhesive from your nail rather than quickly pulling it off
  • If the sample pack adhesive remains intact on the inside of the pick it can be used again, otherwise remove and discard in trash

Additional information

Weight 0.0625 lbs


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