Customer Comments and Reviews

Customer Comments and Reviews

I’ve tried a whole lot of finger picks over the years and so far the Tiptonics have resulted in the best tone and feel.  Thank you again for the excellent product, service, and feedback. – Alec M.

Just received box two with my picks. I’m a classical guitar player with poor natural nails.  Your finger picks are amazing and the solution I have been waiting for thank you for this great product. – Vern G. 

Wow, I can’t believe how much customer service you’re putting into this! Thanks! – David S.

I got the box last night and sized everything this morning.  I played for about an hour and the experience is quite amazing. It is different and will take some practice to feel relaxed with them, but they work well, as advertised, and I am pleased with how quickly I am adjusting. The feeling is very natural and I am amazed at the increase in the range of volume.  Now, as is always the case, all I have to do is practice! Thanks for great service and a great product. I will be singing your praises to my buddies. – James S.

I’m very grateful for your extraordinary customer service and equally impressed by the detail you’ve gone into in the creation of your finger picks. I also appreciate you sending me the extra sizes free of charge. – Paul P. 

Wow am I excited! The Tiptonic Picks are everything I hoped for. At first I wasn’t able to find the right fit because my free edges bend downward. Once I found the perfect curvature and size combo… This is a game changer for me. – Richard S.

I’ll just say it straight out-the pics are off the scale fantastic! The length works great with my classical pick style and the index works fine as a pick replacement for electric playing. – Darryl D.

I just received my picks today! These things are amazing. I still need to tweak the sizes a bit maybe. But I played for a bout 3 hours straight tonight and they stayed put and sounded great… great product you have here! U admit I was skeptical and a little mad at myself for spending $160 on picks – but Well worth and I would do it again.  I’m going to spread the word on some of the interweb forums! – Joe S.

Thanks again for such a well designed amazing product that has allowed me to play guitar again, my appreciation is beyond words. I will tell everyone I know about your picks and try to make you guys millionaires, you deserve it! – Lane V.

Thanks for the outreach. I am surprised at how well the adhesive works and how easy they are to remove following your directions. I am impressed with the product and with the quality of the heating unit. – Kevin O.  

I attached just one pick (on my ring finger), and was impressed with it’s performance. It’s tone is much closer to the natural nail than the melted and shaped Fender medium picks I’ve been using, and very comfortable! Thanks again for a great product! – Rick A.

I can not describe the level of excitement I’ve had this day. It really feels like greatest gift I could have gotten! I was slapping, strumming, playing jazz guitar with heavy flatwounds, gypsy jazz guitar – hitting it like never before, classical and flammenco, WAU, I even did some metal-core and djent on 8 string, couldn’t get then to fall off! Thank you 1000 times. – Vid T.