Finger Pick Sizing Instructions Selecting Your Pick Sizes

Finger Pick Sizing Instructions

Selecting your Pick Sizes

Use a Ruler to Find Your Pick Sizes:

To find your Tiptonic Finger Pick Sizes you will need a ruler, a pencil and a piece of paper. Millimeters are the easiest to use, but a ruler with Imperial Measurements will work fine. The diagrams on this page are all in mm. There are many online metric to inches converters and there is a link to one below the diagram.

We will be measuring the following dimensions on your fingernails:

  • 1. The Width of your nail at the widest part right where the nail leaves the nail bed on each side and begins to overhang
    • The Dots on each side of the Examples below mark the points on each side of the nail where the overhanging nail begins
      Sizing Chart Dimensional Diagram Example
    • Do not wrap the ruler around your nail
    • Lay the ruler flat across the nail and sight straight down and measure from side to side

NOTE: The example Width in the Diagram below is 12 mm for all Pick Shapes, but it can be any width between 8 – 18 mm

  • 2. The Total Length of your Fingernail from cuticle to tip

Note: The total length of your nail must be less than or equal to the total length of the outline that you select below. The outline shapes below indicate the pocket that your nail fits into on the inside of the pick. The actual end of the pick will be 2 mm longer than the nail pocket outlines below on the playing end of the pick (top of pick shapes below).

  • 3. Choose the Pick Shape A – K below that best matches the shape of each of your fingernails.
    • For nail beds that go almost straight across at the playing end of the nail, Shapes A, D and H will give you the shortest playing length. Shapes B, E or J will be much longer on the playing end
    • On nail beds that go around the end of the finger with a bit more of a curve, Shapes B, E and J will give you the shortest playing length. For really long Finger Picks Shapes C, F or K would be a better option with this nail bed type
    • For Nail beds like Shape G below that have a really long arc around the end of the nail Shapes G or K are best for your nail beds

Many people have the same Pick Shape for their 3 main fingers (i) index, (m) middle, and (a) ring and different ones for the thumb (P) and little finger, but there are endless variations in human fingernails. Some people have different Pick Shapes for each nail.

Tiptonic Sizing Chart Dimensional Diagrams

Click here to convert mm to inches

Click here to view our Sizing Chart. Click on the Shape Letter to the left for detailed dimensional drawings.


Need Help? Email Photos of your Nails

photo of fingernails from the top Fingernails Side View Fingernail Front View
Photo 1: Photo from above hand with all nails clearly visible

  • Include a ruler in this photo for scale
  • You can get all 4 fingers in one shot
  • Take the same shot of your thumb if a pick is needed for it
Photo 2: Photo looking at your fingernails from the side

  • We need to be able to see the curve along the top of your nail
  • Splay your fingers a bit to get all 4 fingers in one shot
  • Take a separate photo of your thumb if needed
 Photo 3: Photo of each nail pointing straight at the camera

Email the photos to along with the Width and Total Nail Length measurements from above as well as pertinent info such as nail splits or concerns. 

We will recommend which Tiptonic Finger Pick Shapes and Sizes to use with your fingernails.