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Tiptonic Starter Kit

Your Starter Kit contains everything that you need to get started playing with Tiptonic Finger Picks!

Each Starter Kit contains:

  • (48) Finger Picks with pre installed adhesive based on your selections
  • One of each pick size in your mix with no adhesive for testing Fit
  • (1) Roll of Activator Adhesive (100 adhesive circles)
  • (1) Activator Case – The Activator is required to warm the adhesive to the correct temperature before putting on the Finger Picks
  • Activator Power supply cord US type plug, or AU, EU, UK plugs
  • (1) 8 Compartment Plastic Organizer holding your pick selection
  • (1) small nail file to shape the pick to fit the shape of your nail bed
  • The Owner’s Manual filled with tips and techniques to get the most out of your Finger Picks
  • A Sizing Chart printed on clear transparency film to use in selecting your Finger Pick Sizes

Additional Info

For each Pick Outline Shape on the Sizing Chart we make picks with 3 different inside profiles to fit different nail types. Included in the Starter Kit is at least (1) of each of our 3 inside profiles:

  • Flat – for flatter nails
  • Regular – for nails that look more half round than flat when viewed from the front than flat nails
  • Curved – for nails that have a generous curve from cuticle to the tip of the free edge of the nail when viewed from the side

Note: Most Starter Kits have (2) each of each pick size in all 3 inside profiles, however, depending on your pick selection sometimes we will send only one of each in order to get a wider selection of picks in your mix.

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  • Activator DC 12V Power Inverter

    Activator DC Power Inverter for Car DC 12V Socket

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  • Power Supply Cord with EU, UK and AU interchangeable Plugs

    Activator Power Supply Cord for use in AU, EU, UK

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  • The Activator shown with a Tiptonic Finger Pick in one of the slots. The Dial is turned so that you can remove the pick from the slot.

    The Activator Case

    Rated 4.83 out of 5
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