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Tiptonic Finger Pick Sample Pack Info

Tiptonic Finger Pick Sample Pack with Press and Play Adhesive. Press and Play Adhesive works great for Tiptonic Finger Picks when applied at room temperature, and even better when warmed in the Activator, sold seperately.

To Order

  • Choose any row, or Shape on the Sizing Chart that matches your nail shape
  • Select your width, Regular or Narrow
  • Click here to order your Finger Pick Sample Pack

Each Tiptonic Finger Pick Sample Pack Contains a selection of 27 Finger Picks from the following list of sizes:

  • (1) each of 9 different Tiptonic Finger Pick Sizes in widths 8mm – 18mm (Narrow) or 10 – 18 mm (Regular) in our 3 basic inside profiles
  • For each Pick Outline Shape on the Sizing Chart you get 3 Picks. 1 of each of all 3 of our inside profiles (Flat, Regular, and Curved)
  • Regular Nails look more half round when viewed from the front than Flat Nails
  • Curved picks are for nails with a pronounced curve along the top of the nail from the cuticle to the tip of the free edge when viewed from the side 

In addition, each Tiptonic Finger Pick Sample Pack contains the following:

  • Roll of 100 Adhesive Strips of Press and Play Finger Pick Adhesive
  • (1) nail file to shape the cuticle area of the picks to match your nails
  • Alcohol wipes to prep the fingernail
  • Owner’s Manual full of details on how to get the most out of your Tiptonic Press and Play Finger Picks

Don’t have the right size Picks in your Tiptonic Finger Pick Sample Pack? Let us know and we will get them out to your right away. In addition to the sizes listed above we also carry common customizations such as extra height or curve. Please email or phone us for any questions that you may have regarding pick selection. email: info@tiptonic.com   phone:706-338-9557 (12:00 PM  – 7:00 PM Eastern Time Zone)

Additional Info

Get the most out of your adhesive by warming it up in the Activator, sold separately. The Activator increase adhesion by up to 20% by softening the adhesive before putting on your picks. When warm, the adhesive flows into gaps between your nail and the inside of the pick forming a tighter bond.

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  • Medium Paperboard Tube Case

    Medium Paperboard Tube for Pick or Adhesive Storage

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  • Replacement Premium Activator Adhesive Roll and Medium Paperboard Tube Case Tiptonic Adhesive Comparison

    Premium Activator Adhesive for Tiptonic Finger Picks

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  • Tiptonic Fingernail Files for shaping and filing Tiptonic Finger Picks

    Set of 12 Fingernail Files – Perfect for Tiptonic Picks

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  • Small Finger Pick Case made from biodegradable paperboard tube

    Small Finger Pick Case Paperboard Tube

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