Finger Pick Sizing Chart, Order Form, and Instructions

Finger Pick Sizing Chart

New Customers

If you previously ordered a Starter Kit you will receive two shipments from us:

  • Package 1 is a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope and will contain our Finger Pick Sizing Chart and Instructions. The Sizing Chart is printed on clear plastic transparency film. Place your nail directly below and compare how the outline shapes of our various pick sizes fit your nails. Use the Sizing Chart to find your pick sizes then order them on the form below to complete your order.
  • Box 2 will contain your Activator Case and power cord, along with your selection of Tiptonic Finger Picks. The picks are organized in a plastic 8 compartment Pick Case. Box 2 will also contain the Owner’s Manual containing detailed instructions, and a small file to shape the picks to match your nail bed.

NOTE: We replaced the Starter Kit with Finger Pick Samplers as of 4/19/2020

Sizing Chart Instructions


View a copy of the Sizing Chart PDF

Follow the instructions on the Sizing Chart that came with your Starter Kit to find your pick sizes. To see a PDF of the Sizing Chart, click the image to the right on this page. Once you know the pick size for each of your fingers, enter your sizes in the menu below. The number is the width and the letter is the type. Beginning with the Index Finger as 1, enter the Width and Letter for each finger that needs a pick. Please be sure to include your name, email, and Starter Kit order number. Hit “Submit Pick Sizes” to complete your Order.

Submit Pick Sizes below

Once you choose your sizes using the Sizing Chart, select your sizes in the menu below, then hit “Submit Pick Sizes” to complete your Order.  We will mail your picks in Box 2.


Finger: 1 (index)

Finger: 2 (middle)

Finger: 3 (ring)

Finger: 4 (pinky)

Finger: 5 (thumb)

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