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Pick Case – 8 Compartment Organizer


Pick Case – Perfect 8 compartment organizer for storing Fingernail Picks

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photo of the Pick Case - a plastic 8 compartment storage container perfect for storing Tiptonic Finger Picks
Pick Case – Perfect 8 compartment organizer for storing Tiptonic Finger Picks

Pick Case

Our Pick Case is a great 8 compartment plastic organizer and is complementary when ordering our Starter Kit or Bulk Pick Orders. It is the same size as the Activator and sits on top of it for storage when not in use. It’s a great place to keep backup picks organized and ready to go.

Need more of these handy cases?

We have scoured the globe and tried every small container on the market. These are the best pick cases that we have come across yet. They are so handy for storing small thing like Fingernail Picks that we also offer them to you as a stand alone item.


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