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Set of 12 Fingernail Files Fine Finish 120 / 240 Grit


Set of 12 Fingernail Files

120 Grit on one side, 240 Grit Sandpaper on the other side of the paddle

Great for Fingernail Filing, touching up the playing surfaces and finely finishing the top of Tiptonic Picks

Long Lasting and Easy to Clean with Isopropyl Alcohol


Set of 12 Fingernail Files Fine Finish 120 / 240 grit

  • HIGH QUALITY SANDING PADDLES. Set of 12 Fingernail Files Fine Finish 120 / 240 grit. We carefully selected the grit (how course or fine the abrasive surface is) to be good for natural nails & Tiptonic Finger Picks. Your order will come with a set of 12 emery board sanding paddles that are 3-1/2″ long and 1/2″ wide (90 mm X 13 mm). They have 120 grit sandpaper on one side and 240 grit on the other. These files are perfect for touching up the playing surfaces of your picks as they wear and smoothing the top of the pick for a faster lower friction finish.
  • ADHESIVE DOES NOT PEEL AWAY FROM THE BOARD. This 2 sided mini nail file set has an adhesive that will keep the sand paper attached to the foam. This heavy duty bond will hold the sandpaper in place for aggressive filing and light touch ups.
  • VIRTUALLY NO PARTICLE SHEDDING. Particles that fall off a nail filer can make a mess. A little shedding is normal and expected for sandpaper type abrasive, however too much shedding often means low quality materials. These fingernail files use strong abrasives that have minimal particle shedding.
  • WASHABLE, EASY TO CLEAN, WATER RESISTANT. We recommend using isopropyl alcohol to clean your nail files. A couple of sprays will do the trick. You may also brush the file lightly with brush to clean out any material that gets stuck on the file. We do not recommend soaking the file as it may damage the paper and adhesive elements.
  • These picks make a great addition to the 100 / 180 grit fingernail files that come with Tiptonic Samplers and Starer Kits

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