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Tiptonic Finger Picks Single Finger Picks

Rated 4.67 out of 5 based on 15 customer ratings
(16 customer reviews)


  • Tiptonic Single Finger Picks
  • Quantity of 1 = 1 Pick
  • Color: Opaque White
  • For Right Hand Only
  • Choose your Adhesive: Premium Activator Adhesive or Removable Finger Pick Adhesive
  • Select your Width and Pick Shape
  • Click on the following Pick Shapes to see a dimensional diagram: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, HJ, K
Please select adhesive. Premium requires an Activator
Please enter the width size for your pick.
Please choose your pick type.
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Tiptonic Finger Picks Single Finger Picks

Order Tiptonic Single Finger Picks. Patented Tiptonic Finger Picks are a revolutionary new type of finger pick that locks to your nails, yet is easily removed when you’re finished playing. Tiptonic Finger Picks perfectly conform to the top and underside of your fingernails, protecting your nails while giving you a louder and more articulate sound. Key features include:

  • Available in hundreds of sizes to ensure a perfect fit (see below)
  • Clear silky high frequencies that improve articulation
  • Fatter bass response
  • More acoustic volume
  • Increased speed and control
  • Prevents nail breakage
  • Enhances all playing styles
  • Removable & reusable
  • Feels like a part of your body

Tiptonic Single Finger Pick Sizes Available

  • Tiptonic Single Finger Picks are currently available in 450 sizes for Right Hand Only
  • Find your Finger Pick Sizes by using the Sizing Chart to compare to your fingernails (instructions below)
  • You can also use a ruler (mm preferred) to measure your nails and compare them to the Pick Shape Diagrams below
  • Click on any of the following Shapes to see a dimensional Diagram: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, HJ, K

We are in the process of adding 3 new rows to the Sizing Chart. These new rows, or Shapes, require a new numbering system. Beginning on 4/1/2020 we will phase in the new pick size names as we make new picks. You can order replacement picks using either numbering system. New size numbers are shown in parenthesis after the original sizes. The picks are the same, we are just changing the naming system.

About Tiptonic Single Finger Pick Sizes

Some examples of typical Finger Pick sizes are: 12E2, 14F1 or 18G3. The size name describes 3 components; Width, Shape, and Inside Profile


The Number on the Pick that begins each pick size is the Width of your fingernail in millimeters. We make Finger Picks in widths between 8 – 18 mm.

To find your fingernail width, notice the points on each side where the nail leaves the nail bed and begins to overhang. Lay a ruler flat on top of your nail and measure from side to side. Don’t wrap ruler around nail. Look straight down and measure the width in mm. (Imagine a line drawn across your nail between these two points for the next step)


The Letter is the Shape, or row, on the Sizing Chart that matches your nail. We make 10 different Shapes. Each row on the Sizing Chart is a unique Pick Shape.

What we need to know is the distance from the imaginary line across your nail (above), to the tip of your nail (Front Length), and the distance from this line to your cuticle (Back Length). Each Finger Pick Shape on the Sizing Chart is a different combination of Front and Back Lengths. Select the one that matches your fingernail. Is this imaginary line from side to side in the middle, front or back of your nail?

The pick will ramp onto your nail until it runs out of nail at these two points and stop. The pick must be long enough to come up to your cuticle at this point, but not too long or you will need to file a bunch of material off. Line up the Dots on the Chart with the points on each side of your nail, where the overhang just starts, and compare your nails to the Pick Outlines on each side of your finger.

Inside Profile

The last Number is the Inside Profile of the Pick. The outside of the pick will be the same, but we make the inside pocket different to fit different nail types. Our 3 basic Inside Profiles which are included in the Finger Pick Test Flights for each Pick Outline are:

  • Flat Nails (1)
  • Regular Nails (2)
  • Curved Nails (3)

Regular Nails are nails that look more half round than Flat Nails when viewed from the front. These picks have a bit more inside height than the picks for Flatter Nails. Curved Nails have a generous amount of curve from the cuticle to the tip along the top of the nail when viewed from the side.

Common Finger Pick Modifications

We also make many common modifications on all 110 Finger Picks Shapes on the Sizing Chart, such as more inside height, or more curve from cuticle to tip. We use the remaining single digits 4 – 9 to indicate these common mods.

  • Extra inside height for Regular Picks (4)
  • XX inside height for Regular Picks (5)
  • Extra inside height for Curved Picks (6)
  • XX inside height for Curved Picks (7)
  • Extra curve for Curved Picks (8)
  • XX curve for Curved Picks (9)

Tiptonic Adhesives

We are excited offer two different adhesives to extend the life of your Finger Picks for 100’s of hours! Now selling rolls of our Premium Activator Adhesive and our newest product, Press and Play Finger Pick Adhesive.

Premium Activator Adhesive

Premium Activator Adhesive is our best all around adhesive. It is the stiffest of our two adhesives giving you a rock solid bond between fingernail and pick. Warming the adhesive in the Activator softens it so that it flows around the nail and fills any gaps. This gives you a snug low profile fit to the top of the nail. Warming the adhesive also allows the adhesive to be used for around 6 weeks or so of daily use. Single Finger Picks come with Premium Activator Adhesive applied to the pick and ready to go.

Press and Play Finger Pick Adhesive

Press and Play Finger Pick Adhesive works great at room temperature with no warming needed. Great for Finger Pick Test Flights and Sample Packs as you can test fit the pick without the adhesive grabbing your nail. Once you select your pick, try it out with the Finger Pick Adhesive to confirm your selection. Press and Play Finger Pick Adhesive is strong enough for performance and daily practice. Apply one or two strips to the fingernail to secure Finger Pick to the fingernail. This is typically a one use adhesive, though if it stays on the pick it can be reused several times.

Both adhesives are rated as safe for incidental food contact and peel cleanly off of your nail after playing.

A roll of 50 Press and Play Finger Pick Adhesive strips is included in our Finger Pick Test Flights and Sample Packs.

To Order

Find Your Nail Shape with the Finger Pick Selection Guide below


  • Print the Sizing Chart (Set Scale to 100%, Do Not Fit to Page) or view PDF on a computer or mobile device
  • Confirm image size, print or display. Any pick outline that has a 10 on it should be exactly 10 mm wide. Any 13 should be just wider than 1/2″.
  • You can also use a ruler to measure your nails and compare to the diagram of each Shape
  • Millimeters is easiest, but Imperial Rulers will work with translation


  • Compare your fingernails to the Sizing Chart to find the row, or Shape that matches your nail
  • Or, use a ruler to compare your nails to the following Pick Shapes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, HJ, K
  • Note the two points on each side of your nail where the free edge of the nail just leaves the nail bed
  • Additionally, you can use a pencil to put a small dot on each side of your nail to make it easier to visualize
  • Line up the pencil dots on your nail to the Dots on any Row on the Chart on either side of your finger
  • Compare the back of the pick to your nail bed at the cuticle.
    • The pick should come just up to or be slightly longer than your nail in this direction
  • Compare the end of your fingernail to the playing end of the Pick Outline
    • The outline is the shape of the pocket that your nail fits into
    • The entire end of your nail must fit within the outline
      • Therefore, you may need to round off squarish “corners” on your nails for optimal fit
    • Select any outline that almost touches the end of your nail for a short playing length
    • Select an outline that is longer than the end of your nail for a longer playing length
    • The Pick only grabs under your nail on the sides. The end can be as long or short as you like as long as it fits in the slot

Additional information

Weight 0.0000625 lbs

16 reviews for Tiptonic Finger Picks Single Finger Picks

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Jeff Carr (verified owner)

    Although the process of selecting the right size picks seems daunting at first, it’s actually pretty simple. I went through a bit of trial and error before finding the right one for me, but once you have the activator, the cost is low if you have to order another size. They get the orders out promptly; I received my order in 2-3 days. Learning to put them on is quick – it’s definitely a ‘feel’ thing. Once on, the picks feel secure and are not easily displaced. You’ll find you may need to modify your playing style a bit, and it will take a little time to get used to using them. The adhesive seems to last a long time- I’m still using picks I started with weeks ago. I think it depends on the frequency of putting them on and taking them off. For me, this system seems to be working well, and I’ve tried others. It’s a good product, good customer care, and over all I’m happy I invested in the system.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeff M (verified owner)

    I typically have to use metal or plastic slip on style finger picks, (which can be uncomfortable) because I can’t keep good natural nails for picking. I do prefer picking with just finger nails and when I saw these it perked my interest. I sent away for the starter kit and went through the sizing procedure. I agree with the other reviewer that the sizing process can seem a bit of an effort, but when you understand how the picks actually fit it is pretty simple to figure out what size fits best. Once you get the picks sized right, they really stay on secure. I was somewhat skeptical at first, but the picks stay firm even with an aggressive attack, sound very good and can be used several times. One other thing is that the quality control on sizing is top notch. I have not seen any very variation for a specific nail size when I ordered spares. I highly recommend this type of finger pick to anyone who loves finger-style and as an alternative to metal/plastic slip on style finger picks or acrylic nails for that matter.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Richard Peters (verified owner)

    I’m using my pics for claw hammer banjo. These picks are the most natural I’ve found so far. Tone and feel are good! They do take time to find correct fit, and take some filing to customize, but worth the time effort. I’m still experimenting.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark Ashworth (verified owner)

    Tiptonic finger picks allowed me to resume playing my guitars after my acrylic nails fell off. The acrylic nails had damaged my natural nails and I had to wait quite a while for them to grow out and recover before settling on finger picks that would work for me. It took a lot of samples but I’m glad I did it. Now I keep my natural nails short which makes it much easier to work with my hands. I also found that 1/2 inch Glue Dots work pretty well and are very cheap. Thanks Britt and all the rest of you clever folks who developed these finger picks.

    • Britt West (verified owner)

      Hi Mark, We tested every single adhesive on the market for years. The Glue Dots 1/2″ are a very similar adhesive and do indeed work, however they are are not as strong or as stiff as the two that we offer.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    William Atterberry (verified owner)

    I am a recovering acrylic nail addict. I went through withdrawals when the pandemic of 2020 drove my acrylic nail dealer off the streets. I play exclusively fingerstyle guitar and over the last decade I have experimented with EVERY nail prosthetic on the market. None worked as well as my acrylic nails. By the time my acrylic nail “technician” reopened for business, my acrylic nails were gone and my damaged nail beds had grown out. While teetering on the precipice of a relapse, I struck out in one last desperate attempt to find an alternative that would approximate the durability, tone and playing stability of my expensive and nail-bed debilitating acrylic nails. What I found changed everything. It is without exaggeration or affective hyperbole that I definitively declare “Tiptonic fingerpicks the most important discovery I’ve made since I began playing guitar.” It is also without exaggeration or affective hyperbole that I definitively declare “Finding the right fit was a MAJOR pain that taxed my patience in the depths of my post-acrylic desperation,” BUT, BUT, BUT—just as I was about to give up, I found the perfect fit for the three fingers I use in my playing. I wish Tiptonic had a way to digitize the sizing for a perfect fit, but in the end I found the perfect match, thanks primarily to the phenomenal customer service and sizing options provided by Tiptonic. They are very responsive inquiries and ship quickly. The fingerpicks are a tad thicker than my acrylics were, which required me to adjust my hand position closer to the bridge for some tunes to avoid a buzz-saw affect, but I’ve been experimenting with filing them thinner to adjust to my specific needs (that’s another nice feature of these nails). Beyond that, I like the sound they produce on my Taylor guitars and haven’t had one pop off yet, no matter how aggressively I play—up or down. It is for the above-listed reasons that I highly recommend Tiptonic finger picks. Finding the right size is a multi step process, but if you exercise patience and diligence I am confident you will be rewarded with an enduring partnership.

  6. Reinaldo (verified owner)

    I recommend these nails because they are made of good material, they last a long time. You can choose them according to the shape of your fingers, Tiptonic provides you with a very wide sampler for all kinds of options. Over time you adapt to them because they definitely produce a very clear sound. Glue is also very good because it is thin and strong.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    sbrannonjr (verified owner)

    Wow!! Just what I have been looking for!!! I hate using picks because they just slip around and aggravate me. I was finger strumming with my index finger but the tone suffered. Enter Tiptonic! I ordered the trial set a couple of weeks ago and they are awesome. I don’t use them on fingers other than my index but this has solved my problem!! I like how they can be filed for micro-adjustments. Well done!!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    rich (verified owner)

    Now I can strum with a pic sound. Awesome product and service. Just using the stick on for now. Love the convenience, sound, and service.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am Bruno from Paris and I’m very happy to have discovered the finger-picks from TipTonic.
    Fed-up to regularly damage my nails, I tried several solutions in the past and I admit that these picks stay in place really well; even if sometimes I strum hard, they do not come off !
    Being able to remove them and put them back on again several times in a row without using a new patch of adhesive is also a clear advantage.
    I wish I had discovered their products many years ago.
    I was one of those French customers who for 3 years had been waiting for Tiptonic to access the French market. it’s been done since 18 months and this is a good thing for Euopean Guitarists.
    I practice Hybrid picking and I only use finger-picks on 3 fingers: Major, ring and Pinky.
    I wish Tiptonic to prosper in the long term because they make good quality et reliable products.
    If I take the opportunity to make a wish I would like them to create a fingerpick dedicated to the thumb that would replace the traditional thumbpick with a rounded part on the internal side that would slide between the thumb and the index (as if I was holding a flat pick)
    That would be a wonderful idea

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Aric van Brocklin (verified owner)

    Tiptonic has developed a most remarkable product for those guitar pickers who prefer fingers directly on strings, but whose nails get nicked by steel.
    It took a bit of time and patience to find the proper size and fit but with some gracious investment on the part of Tiptonic (sending out optional, newer designs for free!) things seem all squared away.
    Like many other finger style players, I have nail beds compromised by years of gel, etc. But healing is happening and I am very grateful.
    So far my only experience with adhesives involves the finger pick adhesive, but next order will be with the activator style. My typical gig lasts 3 sets and the glue dots work fine.
    Hope and pray for continued success to Tiptonic.

  11. Rated 1 out of 5


    will never know if they work. This company excludes left handed players.

    • Britt West (verified owner)

      Hi Stan, Please accept my apologies for not offering left handed picks at this time. We make all of our 800 picks sizes on a single CNC Mill. Given the low number of left handed guitarists who play with their nails, it’s hard to justify increasing our pick sizes to 1600 unique sizes. We hope that once we get into injection molded picks that we will be able to offer picks for lefties.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Aric van Brocklin (verified owner)

    I purchased the activator case and the three corresponding Tiptonic coated nails, and have had good success with adhesion.
    My gigs are in the mid-atlantic area with humidity and all that goes along with it, so I am pleasantly surprised at how well these nails adhere!
    Had one nail that came off one evening during our first set, so I added a glue dot from one of the rolls, put the coated nail back in the activator case for a few minutes, and it stuck without any problems for the next set.
    Bought three back ups which I carry along in my guitar case, in the event I loose one of the little suckers, which can vanish in-between the floor boards of a stage pretty easily.
    Glad for Tiptonic nail extensions!

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Phil deRosier (verified owner)

    I have been using tiptonic finger picks for about two years now. Yes, I’ve experienced all of the usual problems expressed in the above reviews. My nail beds were turned to rubber after using acrylics for years. I thought I would have to sacrifice years of hard earned technique by going to other styles of finger picks. Believe me when I tell you I tried them all. All the conventional finger pics that I tried just feel so clumsy and take the fun and enjoyment out of playing. All sense of touch disappears and you feel like you’re playing 3 inches away from the strings. I play a classical style and desperately need the touch of the string for secure technique.
    Then I happened upon the tiptonic website and decided to give them a try. All of the stories above about finding the right size and shape are true. Indeed, it takes a while to find your perfect fit but is well worth the effort. Britt will walk by your side on the path to success. He really cares that you succeed! His patience is monumental.
    My test for fingerpicks is to experience how comfortable it is to play a piece like Leyenda or Tommy Emmanuel‘s version of classical gas. Not only do they stay on but it’s as close as possible to playing with my real nails. No compromise on technique!!
    My current set of picks (i,m,a) have lasted nine months! I just periodically reapply glue dots and they’re like new again. Durability is outstanding. I can take them off between practice sessions usually 2 to 3 times a day allowing me to use my hands freely for other activities and then quickly reapply them for the next practice session.
    Let’s hope and pray that tiptonics is in business for a long time to come! I don’t know what I would do without them.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Don Dillinger (verified owner)

    I am in love with these picks, and with tiptonic. My experience is a copy of William Atterberry’s! I do play quite a bit of classical guitar too, but also play upright bass and need to get rid of the nails to do that properly, and this system makes it possible to play both on the same gig. Thanks, tiptonic!

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rick Tumminelli (verified owner)

    I really love these picks. They were the perfect solution to my guitar dilemma. I love playing finger style but hate the standard finger picks. I tried building my nails with available nail builder kits which work fine, but you can’t take them off. I found I could not play flat pick acoustic or my electric guitars because the nails got in the way. I love finger style, but it’s not the only style I like to play. The Tiptonic nails are the perfect solution. Once you find the right fit, they stay on, sound great, and playing is so much more natural than using finger picks. I couldn’t be happier.

  16. Rated 5 out of 5

    JOSHMETRODINER (verified owner)

    These picks are the best thing on the market. I’ve tried just about everything out there. I work in the service industry and having long fingernails is out of the question. I needed something I could take on and off. I tried metal picks, Dunlop plastic picks, butterfly picks and ended up settling for Alaska picks until I tried these. There simply is no comparison. These are absolutely perfect. They sound great, feel like a real nail and are easy to take on and off. The service from Britt has been OUTSTANDING! All my questions were answered in detail and promptly. They go above and beyond to make sure you have the perfect fit. They’ve gained a lifetime customer with me!

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