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Single Finger Picks using Removable Finger Pick Adhesive

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SKU: TFP000-2


Tiptonic Single Finger Picks using Removable Finger Pick Adhesive

Order Tiptonic Single Finger Picks using Removable Finger Pick Adhesive if you do not have an Activator. Adhesive does not require warming in the Activator, but is applied to the nail at room temperature. A Roll of Regular Finger Pick Adhesive is included with purchase

New Customers begin with the Finger Pick Sampler 1, Finger Pick Sampler 3 or Finger Pick Sampler 5 depending on how many nails need Finger Picks.

Patented Tiptonic Finger Picks are a revolutionary new type of finger pick that locks to your nails, yet is easily removed when you’re finished playing. Tiptonic Finger Picks perfectly conform to the top and underside of your fingernails, protecting your nails while giving you a louder and more articulate sound. Key features include:

  • Available in hundreds of sizes to ensure a perfect fit (see below)
  • Clear silky high frequencies that improve articulation
  • Fatter bass response
  • More acoustic volume
  • Increased speed and control
  • Prevents nail breakage
  • Enhances all playing styles
  • Removable & reusable
  • Feels like a part of your body

Tiptonic Single Finger Pick Sizes Available

  • Tiptonic Single Finger Picks are currently available in 450 sizes for Right Hand Only
  • Find your Finger Pick Sizes by using the Sizing Chart to compare to your fingernails (instructions below)
  • You can also use a ruler (mm preferred) to measure your nails and compare them to the Pick Shape Diagrams below
  • Click on any of the following Shapes to see a dimensional Diagram: Shape A, Shape B, Shape C, Shape D, Shape E, Shape F, Shape G, Shape HShape J, Shape K

We are in the process of adding 3 new rows to the Sizing Chart. These new rows, or Shapes, require a new numbering system. Beginning on 4/1/2020 we will phase in the new pick size names as we make new picks. You can order replacement picks using either numbering system. New size numbers are shown in parenthesis after the original sizes. The picks are the same, we are just changing the naming system.

About Tiptonic Single Finger Pick Sizes

Some examples of typical Finger Pick sizes are: 12E2, 14F1 or 18G3. The size name describes 3 components; Width, Shape, and Inside Profile


The Number on the Pick that begins each pick size is the Width of your fingernail in millimeters. We make Finger Picks in widths between 8 – 18 mm.

To find your fingernail width, notice the points on each side where the nail leaves the nail bed and begins to overhang. Lay a ruler flat on top of your nail and measure from side to side. Don’t wrap ruler around nail. Look straight down and measure the width in mm. (Imagine a line drawn across your nail between these two points for the next step)


The Letter is the Shape, or row, on the Sizing Chart that matches your nail. We make 10 different Shapes. Each row on the Sizing Chart is a unique Pick Shape.

What we need to know is the distance from the imaginary line across your nail (above), to the tip of your nail (Front Length), and the distance from this line to your cuticle (Back Length). Each Finger Pick Shape on the Sizing Chart is a different combination of Front and Back Lengths. Select the one that matches your fingernail. Is this imaginary line from side to side in the middle, front or back of your nail?

The pick will ramp onto your nail until it runs out of nail at these two points and stop. The pick must be long enough to come up to your cuticle at this point, but not too long or you will need to file a bunch of material off. Line up the Dots on the Chart with the points on each side of your nail, where the overhang just starts, and compare your nails to the Pick Outlines on each side of your finger.

Inside Profile

The last Number is the Inside Profile of the Pick. The outside of the pick will be the same, but we make the inside pocket different to fit different nail types. Our 3 basic Inside Profiles which are included in the Finger Pick Test Flights for each Pick Outline are:

  • Flat Nails (1)
  • Regular Nails (2)
  • Curved Nails (3)

Regular Nails are nails that look more half round than Flat Nails when viewed from the front. These picks have a bit more inside height than the picks for Flatter Nails. Curved Nails have a generous amount of curve from the cuticle to the tip along the top of the nail when viewed from the side.

Common Finger Pick Modifications

We also make many common modifications on all 110 Finger Picks Shapes on the Sizing Chart, such as more inside height, or more curve from cuticle to tip. We use the remaining single digits 4 – 9 to indicate these common mods.

  • Extra inside height for Regular Picks (4)
  • XX inside height for Regular Picks (5)
  • Extra inside height for Curved Picks (6)
  • XX inside height for Curved Picks (7)
  • Extra curve for Curved Picks (8)
  • XX curve for Curved Picks (9)

Tiptonic Adhesives

We are excited offer two different adhesives to extend the life of your Finger Picks for 100’s of hours! Now selling rolls of our Premium Activator Adhesive and our newest product, Press and Play Finger Pick Adhesive.

Premium Activator Adhesive

Premium Activator Adhesive is our best all around adhesive. It is the stiffest of our two adhesives giving you a rock solid bond between fingernail and pick. Warming the adhesive in the Activator softens it so that it flows around the nail and fills any gaps. This gives you a snug low profile fit to the top of the nail. Warming the adhesive also allows the adhesive to be used for around 6 weeks or so of daily use. Single Finger Picks come with Premium Activator Adhesive applied to the pick and ready to go.

Press and Play Finger Pick Adhesive

Regular Finger Pick Adhesive works great at room temperature with no warming needed. Ideal for Finger Pick Samplers as you can test fit the pick without the adhesive grabbing your nail. Once you select your pick, try it out with the Finger Pick Adhesive to confirm your selection. Regular Finger Pick Adhesive is strong enough for performance and daily practice. Apply one or two strips to the fingernail to secure Finger Pick to the fingernail. This is typically a one use adhesive, though if it stays on the pick it can be reused several times.

Both adhesives are rated as safe for incidental food contact and peel cleanly off of your nail after playing.

A roll of 50 Regular Finger Pick Adhesive strips is included in all Finger Pick Samplers.

To Order

Find Your Nail Shape with the Finger Pick Selection Guide below


  • Print the Sizing Chart (Set Scale to 100%, Do Not Fit to Page) or view PDF on a computer or mobile device
  • Confirm image size, print or display. Any pick outline that has a 10 on it should be exactly 10 mm wide. Any 13 should be just wider than 1/2″.
  • You can also use a ruler to measure your nails and compare to the diagram of each Shape
  • Millimeters is easiest, but Imperial Rulers will work with translation


  • Compare your fingernails to the Sizing Chart to find the row, or Shape that matches your nail
  • Or, use a ruler to compare your nails to the following Pick Shapes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, HJ, K
  • Note the two points on each side of your nail where the free edge of the nail just leaves the nail bed
  • Additionally, you can use a pencil to put a small dot on each side of your nail to make it easier to visualize
  • Line up the pencil dots on your nail to the Dots on any Row on the Chart on either side of your finger
  • Compare the back of the pick to your nail bed at the cuticle.
    • The pick should come just up to or be slightly longer than your nail in this direction
  • Compare the end of your fingernail to the playing end of the Pick Outline
    • The outline is the shape of the pocket that your nail fits into
    • The entire end of your nail must fit within the outline
      • Therefore, you may need to round off squarish “corners” on your nails for optimal fit
    • Select any outline that almost touches the end of your nail for a short playing length
    • Select an outline that is longer than the end of your nail for a longer playing length
    • The Pick only grabs under your nail on the sides. The end can be as long or short as you like as long as it fits in the slot

To Order Tiptonic Single Finger Picks using Removable Finger Pick Adhesive

To order Tiptonic Single Finger Picks using Removable Finger Pick Adhesive use the menu above and select: The Finger, the Width, and the Type (the letter). You can also click on a pick in the list below and hit Add to Cart.

Please Note: We are in the process of phasing in a new 10 Row Sizing Chart and New Pick Size Numbering System. The new Pick Sizes are in parenthesis on the selection wheel and the Single Finger Pick Sizes listed below. We are adding 3 new rows to the Original Sizing Chart.

Additional information

Weight 0.00625 lbs

1 review for Single Finger Picks using Removable Finger Pick Adhesive

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jack Launer

    These Tiptonic picks are a game changer! I use them with the removable adhesive and they stay put! The sound you get with these picks is amazing! No more embarrassing salon trips just to get my guitar nail ^_^. Love these picks!

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