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Tiptonic Finger Pick


Finger Pick Size: 8B (8A)

Pick includes adhesive and is ready to play!

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Patented Tiptonic Finger Picks are a revolutionary new type of fingerpick that locks to your nails, yet is easily removed when you’re done playing. These picks perfectly conform to the top and underside of your fingernails, protecting your nails while giving you a louder and more articulate sound. Key features include:

  • Available in hundreds of sizes to ensure a perfect fit (see below)
  • Clear silky high frequencies improve articulation
  • Fatter bass response
  • More acoustic volume
  • Increased speed and control
  • Prevents nail breakage
  • Enhances all playing styles
  • Removable & reusable
  • Feels like a part of your body

Finger Pick Sizes Available

Tiptonic Finger Picks are currently available in hundreds of sizes. Each pick size is referred to by a number plus a letter. The number is the width of your nail in millimeters, and the letter is the type of pick. For example, size 12G is 12 mm wide and type G. Click any of the inks below to jump to the page for a different size pick:

Single Finger Picks

Please Note: We are in the process of phasing in a new 10 Row Sizing Chart and New Pick Size Numbering System. The new Pick Sizes are in parenthesis on the selection wheel and the Single Finger Pick Sizes listed below. We are adding 3 new rows to the Original Sizing Chart.

8AS(8A1)  8A(8B1)   8B(8C1)   8C(8E1)   8D(8F1)   8E(8G1)   8F(8J1)   8G(8K1) 8HS(8A2) 8H(8B2)   8I(8C2)  8JS(8D2)  8J(8E2)   8K(8F2)   8L(8G2) 8MS(8H2)  8M(8J)   8N(8K2)   8O(8C3) 8PS(8D3)  8P(8E3)   8Q(8F3)   8R(8G3) 8SS(83)  8S(8J3)   8T(8K3)
9AS(9A1) 9A(9B1)   9B(9C1) 9CS(9D1)  9C(9E1)   9D(9F1)   9E(9G1) 9FS(9H1)  9F(9J1)   9G(9K1) 9AS(9A)  9H(9B2)   9I(9C2) 9JS(9D2)  9J(9E2)   9K(9F2)   9L(9G2)  9MS(9H3) 9M(J2)   9N(9K2)   9O(9C3)  9PS(9D3) 9P(9E3)   9Q(9F3)   9R(9G3) 9SS(9H3) 9S(9J3)   9T(9K3)
10AS(10AS1) 10A(10B1)   10B(10C1) 10CS(10D1)  10C(10E1)   10D(10F1)   10E(10G1) 10FS(10H1)  10F(10J1)   10G(10K1)  10HS(10A2) 10H(10B2)   10I(10C2) 10JS(10D2)  10J(10E2)   10K(10F2)   10L(10G2)  10MS(10H2) 10M(10J2)   10N(10K2)   10O(10C3)  10PS(10D3) 10P(10E3)   10Q(10F3)   10R(10G3)  10SS(10H3) 10S(10J3)   10T(10K3)
11AS(11A1) 11A(11B1)   11B(11C1) 11CS(11D1)  11C(11E1)   11D(11F1)   11E(11G1)  11FS(11H1) 11F(J1)   11G(11K1) 11HS(11A)  11H(11B)   11I(11C2) 11JS(11D2)  11J(11E2)   11K(11F2)   11L(11G2) 11MS(11H2)  11M(11J2)   11N(11K2)   11O(11C3)  11PS(11D3) 11P(11E3)   11Q(11F3)   11R(11G3)  11SS(11H3) 11S(11J3)   11T(11K3)
12AS(12A) 12A(12B1) 12B(12C1) 12CS(12D1)  12C(12E1) 12D(12F1)  12E(12G1) 12FS(12H1) 12F(12J1) 12G(12K1) 12HS(12A2) 12H(12B2)  12I(12C2)  12JS(12D2) 12J(12E2)   12K(12F2)   12L(12G2)  12FS(12H2) 12M(12J2)   12N(12K2)   12O(12C3)  12PS(12D3) 12P(12E3)   12Q(12F3)   12R(12G3)  12SS(12H3) 12S(12J3)   12T(12K3)
13AS(13A1) 13A(13B1)   13B(13C1)  13CS(13D1) 13C(13E1)   13D(13F1)   13E(13G1)  13FS(13H1) 13F(13J1)   13G(13K1) 13HS(13A2)  13H(13B2)   13I(13C2) 13JS(13D2) 13J(13E2)   13K(13F2)   13L(13G2)  13MS(13H2) 13M(13J3)   13N(13K3)   13O(13C3)  13PS(13D3) 13P(13E3)   13Q(13F3)   13R(13G3)  13SS(13H3) 13S(13J3)   13T(13K3)
14AS(14A1)  14A(14B1)  14B(14C1) 14CS(14D1)  14C(14E1)   14D(14F1)   14E(14G1)  14FS(14H1) 14F(14J1)    14G(14K1)  14HS(14A2) 14H(14B2)   14I(14C2)  14JS(14D2) 14J(14E2)   14K(14F2)   14L(14G2)  14MS(14H2) 14M(14J2)   14N(14K2)   14O(14C3) 14PS(14D3)  14P(14E3)   14Q(14F3)   14R(14G3)  14SS(14H3) 14S(14J3)   14T(14K3)
15AS(15A1)  15A(15B1)  15B(15C1) 15CS(15D1)  15C(15E1)  15D(15F3)   15E(15G1)  15FS(15H1) 15F(15J1)   15G(15K1)  15HS(15B2) 15H(15B2)   15I(15C2)  15JS(15D2) 15J(15E2)   15K(15F2)   15L(15G2)  15MS(15H2) 15M(15J2)   15N(15K2)   15O(15C3)  15PS(15D3) 15P(15E3)   15Q(15F3)   15R(15G3)  15SS(15H3) 15S(15J3)   15T(15K3)
16AS(16A1) 16A(16B1)   16B(16C1) 16CS(16D1)  16C(16E1)   16D(16F1)   16E(16G1)  16FS(16H1) 16F(16J1)   16G(16K1)  16HS(16A2) 16H(16B2)   16I(16C2)  16JS(16D2) 16J(16E2)   16K(16F2)   16L(16G2) 16MS(16H2)  16M(16J2)   16N(16K2)   16O(16C3) 16PS(16D3)  16P(16E3)   16Q(16F3)   16R(16G3)  16SS(16H3) 16S(16J3)   16T(16K3)
17AS(17A1) 17A(17B1)   17B(17C1) 17CS(17D1)  17C(17E1)   17D(17F1)   17E(17G1)  17FS(17H1) 17F(17J1)   17G(17K1)  17HS(17A2)  17H(17B2)   17I(17C2)  17JS(17D2) 17J(17E2)   17K(17F2)   17L(17G2)  17MS(17H2) 17M(17J2)  17N(17K2)   17O(17C3) 17PS(17D3)  17P(17E3)   17Q(17F3)   17R(17G3) 17SS(17H3) 17S(17J3)  17T(17K3)

Don’t know your sizes?


The Starter Kit is required if you are new to Tiptonic Picks. The Starter Kit includes a Sizing Chart so that you can dial in the perfect pick for each finger. In addition, The Starter Kit also contains an Activator Case which is essential for rejuvenating the adhesive before each use.

Additional information

Pick Size


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